For players





  • Esports Competitors should never be offensive to team-mates, opponents, etc in their actions.
  • Esports players should never call other people or players or even the opponents with their nicknames or names that might hurt other people’s gender, religion, origin, physical ability, sexual orientation, etc. 
  • Esports players should never cheat
  • Esports players should never use language or actions that refer to sexual violence or any other form of violence.


For Organisers


  • Organisers should work proactively to create a welcoming environment where everyone feels safe, regardless of gender, religion, etc. 
  • Ensure that the players are not using nicknames during the match that might sound offensive.
  • Have zero tolerance policy for players who breaches the code of conduct.
  • Have a zero tolerance policy for participants acting in a threatening or violent manner.